When DYFS strikes

Just as it has the power to fix a family, DYFS has power enough to destroy a family.  Know your rights.  Protect your family.



An Anonymous Tip to DYFS: Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Day One

The Nightmare Begins

You are going about your daily business totally unaware that dark forces are about to pull your life into chaos.  Little do you know that a vindictive neighbor (or day care provider or ex-spouse or political rival) has made an anonymous telephone call to DYFS.  That vindictive person tells the person on the other end of the line that you abuse drugs and alcohol, drive drunk with your children in the car and often leave them unattended.  DYFS begins an investigation.

Day Two

A Paid Holiday

In your case nothing happens on Day Two because Day Two is a holiday for state workers.  DYFS social workers are government employees entitled to vacation, sick time, personal days and paid holidays, all at your (the taxpayer’s) expense.  Since Day Two is a paid holiday, there aren’t any workers on duty to handle your case.

Day Three

Enter the Social Workers

You are going about your daily business when a pair of pleasant looking young people appear at your front door.  They are DYFS social workers.  They are idealistic.  They mean well, but in your case, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  They ask if they can come into your home.  They tell you that they have some concerns about your family.  They ask to interview you and your children.  There is no mention of your privacy rights or those of your family.  They tell you that they would like you to come to the DYFS office for a drug and alcohol test.

Day Seven

Total Humiliation

The DYFS workers go to the school to look at the school records and interview your first grader at the school.  Your first grader is very upset, and now the word is out in the school that you are being investigated by DYFS.